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What is the role of the New World Order? Now is the time for American Voters to understand their sovereignty. Votermeetups was founded in 2020 to promote an easy way for American Voters to connect with each other in order to prepare for future elections.

2024 is the year that Americans will no longer need to vote for the lesser of two evils. Every four years we have an opportunity to overthrow our United States government with our right to vote.


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Perfect for developing relationships with other civic minded voters in your city or your county. Our goals can only be achieved from a grassroots movement, so be sure to start a house party in your local community.


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The ultimate source for Town Hall meetings in your state. Schedule of upcoming meetings and results coming out of the meetings can be shared with your network of voters.


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We are the online community for all things politically related. End your conversation with your local media outlet, begin your conversation with each other.

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This is the place for an interfaith dialog between the Democrats and Republicans. At this Official Voter Meetup Site, Our mission is to allow all American voters to find each other. We need every American voter to be totally educated about the who, what, when, where, why and how of the voting process and the future of voting in America.

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The Aristocrats that control the creation of all fiat currency, are in the process of putting the commoners of all races on the plantation and they do not want anyone to act up. 

"End Totalitarianism"

Robert F. Kennedy

"If they control your bank account, they control your behavior."

Robert F. Kennedy

Do you know where money comes from? Do you know the difference between a right and a privilege? Are you completely informed about common law in our Republic? Why do our elected leaders call our country a Democracy when it is a Republic? What is the Presidential oath of office and what does it really mean? Join our conversations with other voters at chat.votermeetups.com anytime.